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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts In these scenarios, crowd wisdom peaks early then becomes less accurate as more individuals become involved, explained senior author Iain Couzin, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. A Pearsons chi-square test found a significant, but small association between institution group and review type (2=656.95, df=2, p value <0.001, Cramers V=0.106). 0000055535 00000 n . Post Decision Manuscripts Decision summarynature. Hb```f``5g`c`} 6Pc. Third review was never returned so decision was at least partly based on two reviews from the same discipline. Roberts SG, Verhoef T. Double-blind reviewing at EvoLang 11 reveals gender bias. You can useIn Reviewto access up-to-date information on where your article is in the peer review process. by | May 28, 2022 | vga white light on asus motherboard | anskan om utbyte av utlndskt krkort | May 28, 2022 | vga white light on asus motherboard | anskan om utbyte av utlndskt krkort Our commitment to early sharing and transparency in peer review inspires us to think about how to help our authors in new ways. 2023 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. Please try your request again later. We found that manuscripts submitted under DBPR are less likely to be sent to review and accepted than those submitted under SBPR. 0000014828 00000 n Our commitment to early sharing and transparency in peer review inspires us to think about how to help our authors in new ways. What does the status of my submission mean in Editorial Manager? Submission to first post-review decision: for manuscripts that are sent to external reviewers, the median time (in days) taken from when a submission is received to when an editorial decision post-review is sent to the authors. This can be due to quality or referee bias. More information regarding the release of these data can be found here. An Editor has been assigned, and has not yet taken an action that triggers some other status. Manuscript then goes into said editor's pile, and waits until it gets to the front of the line. No, Modified on: Mon, 5 Sep, 2022 at 6:52 PM. More specifically, the proportion of authors choosing DBPR is lower for higher ranking institution groups; in the uptake analysis by country, China and the USA stand out for their strong preference for DBPR and SBPR, respectively. 2015;136(6):136977. We did not find a significant association between gender and review type (Pearsons chi-square test results: 2=0.24883, df=1, p value=0.6179). Moreover, some records were not complete if authors made spelling mistakes when entering the names of their country or institution, as this would have made it impossible to match those names with normalised names for countries or for institutions using GRID. 2.2 The model of bounded rationality. Example: Blood Cancer Journal: Go to the 'Publish with us' drop down menu: Click on 'Submit manuscript' in order to be directed to that journal's manuscript tracking system: For the status of your submission to Scientific Reports,go to the Scientific Reports contact webpage for email addresses to determine which one best fits your requirements. In order to reduce the variability in the institutional affiliations, we normalised the institution names and countries via a Python script that queried the API of the Global Resource Identified Database (GRID [19]). At the point of first submission, authors have to indicate whether they wish to have their manuscript considered under SBPR or DBPR, and this choice is maintained if the manuscript is declined by one journal and transferred to another. nature physics. Uses field-specific PhD-qualified editors, editing to quality standards set by Nature Research. Is double-blinded peer review necessary? The available data cannot tell us if other factors, such as the quality of the work, play a role in the choice of the review model. We fitted logistic regression models and report details on their goodness of fit. Table7 shows the results; for the sake of completeness, Table7 includes the number and percentages of rejected vs. out-to-review manuscripts for which the gender of the corresponding author was NA. In the following analysis, we will refer to the data where the gender field is not NA as the Gender Dataset. This decision is the sole responsibility of the . Cookies policy. The journal Immediacy Index indicates how quickly articles in a journal are cited. 'Completed - Accept'. This study is the first one that analyses and compares the uptake and outcome of manuscripts submitted to scientific journals covering a wide range of disciplines depending on the review model chosen by the author (double-blind vs. single-blind peer review). We excluded data where the gender was not assigned to either male or female. Journal metrics are based on the published output, thus those that are calculated from the output in multiple years will use a partial dataset for recently launched journals. The Publications Ethics Committee is composed of a chair and two members appointed by the RSNA Board. As mentioned above and discussed below in more detail, the fact that we did not control for the quality of the manuscripts means that the conclusions on the efficacy of DBPR that can be drawn from this data are limited. Thank you for visiting The decision may need to be confirmed by multiple Editors in some journals, and the Editors may decide to seek additional reviews or assign another Editor, returning the manuscript to an earlier status. 9.3 weeks. In the case of transfers, the author cannot change the review type compared to the original submission, and therefore, we excluded the 22,081 (17%) transferred manuscripts from the analysis of author uptake. statement and Depending upon the nature of the revisions, the revised paper may be sent out for additional review or it may be accepted directly. 0000013573 00000 n 0000004437 00000 n Double-blind peer review (DBPR) has been proposed as a means to avoid implicit bias from peer reviewers against characteristics of authors such as gender, country of origin, or institution. The author is usually given a deadline of a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the nature of revisions and the field of study. If you choose to opt in, your article will undergo some basic quality controlchecks before being sent to theIn Reviewplatform. Yes Between September 2017 and June 2020, Nature Communications offered authors the option to list the preprints of papers hosted on any community-recognised platform and undergoing peer review. P30 Lite Android 11 Release Date, We focus on the Nature journals as that portfolio covers a wide range of disciplines in the natural sciences and biomedical research, and thus, it gives us an opportunity to identify trends beyond discipline-specific patterns. 9. Because of the small size of the data set for accepted papers and of the lack of an independent measure for the quality of the manuscripts, we could not draw firm conclusions on the existence of implicit bias and on the effectiveness of DBPR in reducing or removing it. Time: 2023-03-04T15:53:14+00:00. 0000011085 00000 n Are there differences related to gender or institution within the same review model? 8. nature1. Once a paper is submitted, the journal editors proceed with their assessment of the work and decide whether each manuscript is sent out for review (OTR) to external reviewers. Table11 displays the accept rate by review type defined as the number of accepted papers over the total number of accepted or rejected papers. Based on the Nature Communications Review Speed Feedback System, it takes authors 11.6 days to get the first editorial decision. Tulare Ca Obituaries, Blank RM. 2022.6.13 Editor Decision Started. The corresponding author does not need to be the first author . 2006;295(14):167580. After review, Nature Communications rejected it because of reason X. The final dataset was further processed and then analysed statistically using the statistical programming language R, version 3.4.0. Submission to Accept: the median time (in days) from the published submission date to the final editorial acceptance date. BMcG was the major contributor in writing the Background and Methods sections. I think the manuscript "under consideration" is an auto-update that appears as soon as an editor has been assigned. California Privacy Statement, No, Modified on: Mon, 26 Jul, 2021 at 6:04 PM. Springer Nature. 0000014682 00000 n "This is an extension of the wisdom-of-crowds theory that allows us to relax the assumption that being in big groups is always the best way to make a . Barbara McGillivray. We observed that DBPR is chosen more often by authors submitting to higher impact journals within the Nature portfolio, by authors from specific countries (India and China in particular, among countries with the highest submission rates), and by authors from less prestigious institutions. " Decision Summary" editordecision. All communication from submission to publication will be with the corresponding author. We divided the journals in three tiers: (i) the flagship interdisciplinary journal (Nature), (ii) the discipline-specific sister journals (Nature Astronomy, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Chemistry, Nature Climate Change, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Nature Energy, Nature Genetics, Nature Geoscience, Nature Human Behaviour, Nature Immunology, Nature Materials, Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, Nature Microbiology, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Photonics, Nature Physics, Nature Plants, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology), and (iii) the open-access interdisciplinary title (Nature Communications). In our case, the option that the outcome is subject to a complex combination of soft constraints or incentives is possible, which supports our simpler approach of evaluating the variables with the bivariate approach we have reported on. Next steps for publishing your article: What to expect after acceptance, Timescale to publish an article for a Springer journal, Page numbers in a Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) Journal. How does the Article Transfer Service work for authors? Bruce R, Chauvin A, Trinquart L, Ravaud P, Boutron I. How Many Seats Are Premium Economy On Emirates A380? Times Higher Education - World University Rankings. (Courtesy of Clarivate Analytics), The Article Influence Score determines the average influence of a journal's articles over the first five years after publication. As there are many steps involved in the editorial process, this may in some cases take longer than you had anticipated. Nature. Transfer of papers between Cell Press journals and Molecular Plant. We have analysed a large dataset of submissions to 25 Nature journals over a period of 2years by review model and in dependence of characteristics of the corresponding author. . Authors might choose SBPR when submitting their best work as they are proud of it and may opt for DBPR for work of lower quality, or, the opposite could be true, that is, authors might prefer to submit their best work as DBPR to give it a fairer chance against implicit bias. The multivariate regression analyses we performed led to uninformative models that did not fit the data well when the response was author uptake, out-to-review decision, or acceptance decision, and the predictors were review type, author gender, author institution, author country, and journal tier. Ben Glocker (an expert in machine learning for medical imaging, Imperial College London), Mirco Musolesi (a data science and digital health expert, University College London), Jonathan Richens (an expert in diagnostic machine learning models, Babylon Health) and Caroline Uhler (a computational biology expert, MIT) talked to Nature Communications about their research interests in causality . Moreover, DBPR manuscripts are less likely to be successful than SBPR manuscripts at both the decision stages considered (Tables5 and 10), but because of the above limitations, our analysis could not disentangle the effects of these factors: bias (from editors and reviewers) towards various author characteristics, bias (from editors and reviewers) towards the review model, and quality of the manuscripts. Brown RJC. Answer: From the description of the status change of the submission, it seems the manuscript did not pass the formatting check by the editorial staff and required corrections from the author. Our main question concerns a possible gender bias; therefore, we investigated the relation between OTR rates, review model, and gender, still including both direct submissions and transfers (Table8). This means that there is a statistically significant difference between the three groups. Communications (max. Answer: From the description of the status change of the submission, it seems the manuscript did not pass the formatting check by the editorial staff and required corrections from the author. 0000004498 00000 n The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. Helmer M, Schottdorf M, Neef A, Battaglia D. Research: gender bias in scholarly peer review. Let us suggest an alternative journal within our esteemed publishing portfolio for resubmitting your manuscript (and any reviewer comments) for fast, effortless publication. Yes We had 58,920 records with normalised institutions and a THE rank, and we found that corresponding authors from the less prestigious institutions are more likely to choose double-blind review (p value <0.001, df=2, Cramers V=0.106). Author uptake for double-blind submissions was 12% (12,631 out of 106,373). Nature Portfolio is a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (see here for more information about our endorsement). The meaning of 'reject & resubmit' is to indicate that in principle the editor likes the topic for their journal, but the current paper is . As such, the decision to publish an article rests entirely with the handling Editor. Get Scientific Editing. This status will remain until an Editor takes an action in the system to change the status, usually inviting reviewers. In order to assign a measure of institutional prestige to each manuscript, we used the 2016/2017 Times Higher Education rankings (THE [20]) and normalised the institution names using the GRID API. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. This page provides information on peer review performance and citation metrics for Nature Communications. How do I find and access my journal's submission system. Mayo Clin Proc. Finally, editors need to assess these reviews and formulate a decision. 25th Apr, 2017. Which proportions of papers are sent out to review under SBPR and DBPR? Springer is committed to your publishing success: If your research is of good quality, then it may be suitable for another journal. However, we did not find a combination of predictors that led to a model with a good fit to the data. sean penn parkinson's disease 2021. korttidsminne test siffror; lng eller kort pipa hagel. Locate submission instructions for a Springer journal, Submit a manuscript with your ORCID number, Submit a Nature Portfolio manuscript for Open Access publishing, Submit multimedia files to be published online with your article. Anyone you share the following link with will be able to read this content: Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article. Results on the uptake are shown in Table5. Please watch the Submission status explainer video below for more information. 2008;23(7):3513. 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