I googled it but cant seem to find what Im looking for. Would love your opinion on my quest for color! It can depend on your exposure as even the most timid gray can flash blue/green/purple given the right/wrong exposure! Edgecomb gray tends to look a bit dull in dark hallways. Browse through the largest collection of home design ideas for every room in your home. Hi C.C.! But i was wondering if you had a go to wainscott White that is crisp and bright and a true go to light gray that does not have a lot of undertone ? Suzan. Revere Pewter is a light gray with warm undertones; this classic shade creates a comfortably sophisticated look that soothes and restores. I live in SK but looking at your furniture refinishing a today and I may have to make a trip there!!! It feels solidly greige in the shade but warms up quite a bit in the sun. I havent bought the lighting or ceiling fans yet. Silver Satin + off the shelf white. I have wainscoting which i prefer to paint white. I just paid for your on line consulting fee of $45 and my painter will be here tomorrow, yikes! What color would you recommend so that it flows nicely and not too choppy? If you dont like purple undertones, dont pick this colour (and. Any ideas of shades that will compliment the oak? Now it is the outside. So glad that I found you on pinterest! A rich medium gray with the barest trace of violet undertone. As for colour matching, there really is nothing like the original brand. So glad I found this blog post on Pinterest! It can pick up a tiny (wee tiny) touch of green, but dont expect it to it heavily favours blue. It's a great choice if you love the color of Anew Gray but want something a little lighter and brighter. I left a comment last night, wondering what you thoughtabout my train wreck of golden oak and paint choices so far, but I dont see it posted anymore.wondering if you got it!! Compared to Revere Pewter, it will look like a more clean, cool gray, but can slide slightly blue-green at times. Rockport Gray. Thinking about a lighter gray with some brown, green undertones. Any suggestions ? Chelsea Gray is also a beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets, as long as your countertop/flooring can humour that vague green undertone. Bathroom paint color scheme in Chelsea Gray. Overall, Gray Owl would be my first choice of the 3 for its depth and undertones. Revere Pewter is a super popular mid toned greige paint color. Just keep in mind that in the evening or on any sides that are heavily shaded it will look more black than anything balance out the heat of a south-facing room. Im redoing my entry way, which is basically a two story room with staircase. I forgot to mention our theme is industrial farmhouse and it will be loaded with medium wood tones in the trim, doorways, baseboards and flooring. Hi Kylie, You are correct that Rockport Gray is the darkest (and more green), then Pashmina and then Revere Pewter. Finding a great taupe is a tricky but not impossible. I mean, off the top of my head ASphalt could work, but I cant really say without seeing your home! Now I do usually refer questions like yours to my Online Consulting, but a quick colour thought for youRevere Pewter THE king of gray with slight beige/green undertones. Thanks! Lighter paint shades REFLECT more light from them and therefore have a HIGHER LRV, and vice versa for darker shades. Thanks, Rachel. Any ideas? In particular, Revere Pewter. -Lisa. Off the top of my head yes, Collingwood is a beauty! Should I chance getting the edgecomb matched or spend the money on the brand name paint? I am wondering if you think Pale Oak or R Pewter would be nicer? Judy, Hi Judy! I have decided on revere pewter for my main floor open concept rooms (family room, living,dining and kitchen). That would leave just a small amount of stucco and trim to be painted a color. Classic Gray might wash out just a bit in the morning, so if you go for it I would darken it by 25% to give it a bit more depth. If that interests you, I have a lot of great, affordable packages to choose from and then I can spend some proper time on your home https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ My gut instinct is that if you are second guessing whether it will be too gray, that maybe doing it ALL gray might be a bit much for you??? Of these two, do you feel one would be more complementary to the Simply White and Kendall Charcoal? Thank you! We recently purchased a house built in 1989. Hope to chat soon! This is overwhelming!!! If you decide to purchase a package, let me know BEFORE you purchase it, so I can invoice you in Canadian dollars (most of my clients are from the USA!). It has slight greige/green undertones. http . Change Color. I want the same clean soft beachy feel but without the blue! Darker gray-blue blends as well as gray-green blends. Benjamin Moores Best DARK Gray Paint Colour, FULL Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. Hi Bonnie, thank you for asking! That being said, have you looked at BM Edgecomb Gray. Our open concept is facing the north with lots of open windows (floor to ceiling windows in the living room). Currently looking closely at Kendall Charcoal and Chelsea Gray but fearing that Kendall might be pretty dark. Right now I am at point of going back to beige. Am I going crazy? Filed Under: Benjamin Moore, family room/living room, gray. I cant pick a wall color. We built our house about a year ago and we currently have beige with yellow undertone tan walls throughout our house. If youd like to move things faster youre welcome to check out my Online Consulting on my site to see what I offer. Revere Pewter and Repose Gray are similar in that they share the same green undertone, but when compared side by side, Repose Gray has a much cooler, bluish/purple undertone. so on and so forth I cant be overthinking this because I keep reading that all things need to be considered when choosing interior paint colors. Chelsea Gray has an LRV of 23 it will absorb light and look quite heavy in a room without adequate lighting. Via hollymarielks. I hope that helps! I try to give as much helpful complimentary info as I can on my blog and if that doesnt help, it might be time for a closer look, otherwise Im totally just guessing as to what your room REALLY looks like. The pale oak turned out to be this stark hospital colored grey and it looked like the drywall , the Amherst grey looked BLUE from some angles. LRV = Light Reflectance Value: Rated 0-100, with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. We have oak floors and oak staircase. Any ideas? ~Kylie. Pairing up the a couple of top colors from two different companies is a fun option. Heather. Im really looking for a new fresh facelift but with the same furniture. A monochromatic kitchen in Benjamin Moore's Rockport Gray makes for a sophisticated yet soothing statement. It looks like thats in the special Williamsburg Collection, so its not as well known Ive never used it! ~Kylie. Which gray would you suggest for a big south facing living room/dinning room with large windows? Consistency of a paint color, especially when you are trying to use a common paint color in your public spaces, is really . Trim is cloud white and kitchen cabinets are light cream. Ok thanks for the reply! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hi Kyla! Also, if I am going to paint a large, open family room and adjoining hallways SW Collonade gray, what darker shade of gray would look best as an accent color in adjoining kitchen also open to the other space? Seems like all of the undertones of the paints I am trying in my kitchen are really coming to life Grey Owl is green, Stonington is blue, yikes! Thank you for visiting! Defined by Benjamin Moore's site as an earthy, organic neutral, Edgecomb Gray is a light, warm gray. Thank you! Hi Kiley, Photo by Michael Abrams Interiors - via Houzz. Thank you i will definitely use your e design once i have more specifics for my decorating. Its a great colour for the exterior body of your home if youre looking for some drama and depth. . If you can imagine,I have two spaces. Ceilings, a white. I love revere pewter but just did the accent walls. Do check and I can get rolling! Revere Pewter is a mid-toned warm gray paint color. Unlike Revere Pewter which can cast green, Classic Gray has a weeee drop of purple in it, which can sometimes lean just slightly purple-pink. Classic Gray is reading a little too purple for me but it has the brightness I am looking for. Want something creamy that will go with the gray while adding some color to the space. Hi Ginny! Wall, a light gray. Do you have a recommendation for a front door color that would continue a neutral look? Love your blog and website, beautiful display of visual decorating tips and color. Okay, so before I go any further I want you to give me an opinion on those. In my living room I have formal dark brown leather furniture and my family room consists of a khaki/brown colored pottery barn sectional and espresso furniture. It has warmth to it and is just the most perfect, airy gray! I have a small house and am about to paint the entire house in gray. But, I really feel like pulling my hair out! Im thinking maybe its gone to your junk mail. You are 100% correct that the room is north facing and bright! This has been a best-seller for Benjamin Moore and it's not difficult to see why. ~Kylie. Why? Hi Viktoria, that actually is what my E-design is for, talking about specific colours for your home! I hope that helps! Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients. I have finally found the color that I want to paint my open living areas and hallways, and it's the perfect gray. Im sitting on the couch at the resort with my feet up and drinking some tasty wine! I am confused about the gray to use and I am all over the place. . I have a pretty good idea about what I am looking for and the color families that I would like, but my room is small & dark and I also want dark colors. The warmth of Amherst Gray comes out strongly when used with cool-leaning materials, like a bluestone walkway. Megan, Hi Megan! Revere Pewter HC-172; Benjamin Moore Bold Blue and Denim Wash with orange and emerald; Fashion-Inspired Paint Palette: Hot Lips and Scandinavian Blue; Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray HC-105; Blog at WordPress.com. BM Edgecomb has an LRV of 63 compared to Revere's 55 so it will reflect more light in a room. That question would fall under the 1 Room Package (using it for the trim, rather than the walls Agreeable Gray vs Revere Pewter. Its best suited to a home with frontal northern exposure. It is extremely bright during the day however it is a north facing house. Its just that my site has gone gangbusters on questions lately and I have to give my priority to a) my clients in town here and b) my online consulting clients. The color will be going in my entry as well which has east facing windows in the stairwell. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. I tried lightening RP by 50% but its still reading very dark in my house. Hi Nicole, they both do SUCH different things and both will work! Being an earth-toned paint colour, Rockport Gray is inclined towards colours that are that bit more muted and grounded, such as. My historic farmhouse is Chelsea Gray Body with White Dove trim. Also, do I paint the cabinet trim white or the same color of the cabinets. In this room from Houzz, Rockport Gray walls are paired with lots of light trim and warm wood floors. . Warm grays tend to have a bit of beige or softness to them. lighter version of benjamin moore pashminamary calderon quintanilla 27 februari, 2023 / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av / i list of funerals at luton crematorium / av Green might peep through over time. Another thought for a high contrast look would be Intense White, but it would be quite high contrast! Only 1 room size window facing East that look onto a sea of bamboo. I love Benjamin Moore colors but dont know whether to go warmer or cooler than cabinet color??? Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Chelsea Gray. Well of course I always love Cloud White. I would like a light contrast between the wainscot and gray wall above. Im in the processes of painting my kitchen cabinets. Cement Gray will certainly feel more spa-like but you HAVE to know that it will be like a soft grayish purple on your walls. Peel & Stick Sample. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/8-most-popular-blue-green-paint-colours-mix-sherwin-williams-and-benjamin-moore/. Unfortunately when it comes to personal questions I cant do much good if I dont see photos and do the questionnaire, this way I can spend some proper time with your room as as youre finding out it can be a tricky process! The floors are a dark urban brown finish. Thank you for taking me up on my Online Consulting service looking forward to working with you! While Rockport Gray is a neutral, it does have a green .